At VideoKings, we are known for our amazing drone videos. We are based in Vancouver, Canada, and we offer real estate drone video and photography to clients across the globe. We understand the importance of surrounding the viewer with stunning visuals and a captivating storyline. When you film with us, you can expect an unforgettable cinematic experience with our expert cinematography, editing, and storytelling.

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So how do we do it? What’s our secret to creating such stunningly beautiful scenes?

We approach each project differently – every property is different, as is every client. We spend time learning about you, your home or business, what you love about it and what’s important to you. This helps us create a custom video that shows your property in its best light while bringing out the story behind your space. From there we work on a concept for the video itself – Where will it be filmed? What story do we want to tell? How do we want to tell it? Will there be any special effects or graphics?

Once we have a clear idea of where we want the video to go, we start filming!

For aerial shots, this means taking off in our drone from a nearby location (we receive permission from landowners where possible), zipping up above your property (or seaplane base), and taking some amazing footage from all angles. For ground shots, this involves walking around your property with our camera gear capturing footage of whatever is important to you! If there’s something specific that you want to be included like renovation progress or even your dog running around outside – let us know! Anything goes; whatever helps make your home truly unique will be included in the finished product!

Once filming is complete, editing begins!

Our experienced editors take all of the footage captured during filming and edit it into a cohesive story that showcases everything that makes your property so incredible: its surroundings, its history, or simply how great it looks on film! Once edited together into a final product – voila! You have an incredible real estate drone video showcasing everything worth showing off about your home or business. And if all goes well – this should be just one of many videos for them to come!

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