At VideoKings, we believe in the power of aerial photography and video. Our Vancouver based team is fully committed to your success, whether your project focuses on a small residential area or the metropolitan skyline.  

We offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Real Estate: help you sell your home and showcase your property online
  • Property Management: show your properties best features by capturing aerial footage
  • Emergency Response: help first responders reach hard to access areas quickly and effectively
  • Construction Progress Monitoring: see the progress of your construction site from above
  • Sports and Entertainment: capture live events from a unique perspective
  • Film and Television Production: provide unique angles for film or TV projects Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in commercial film production, sports broadcasting, public relations, real estate development and aerial videography.  

Simply put, we love to shoot with aerial drones. We adore shooting with them because we get to see our beautiful city of Vancouver from a whole new perspective. From the air, we can experience a different view of the city which makes us feel like we are discovering it all over again. We have been producing aerial drone video for years and learned a thing or two about what makes drone photography so exciting.

The advantages of shooting with an aerial drone include:

  • A bird’s eye view of your subject
  • Freedom to move around in the air and get different angles on your subject matter
  • Ability to shoot from farther away than you could safely do with a helicopter or airplane (drones can easily fly up to 400 feet in altitude)
  • Great for recording real estate videos, real estate advertising videos, and real estate marketing videos
  • An aerial view is great for showing off your company’s new construction project and getting potential clients excited about it

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