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The VideoKings Team Has Filmed Over 1,000+ Weddings. Get Guaranteed Perfection, Every Time.
Welcome to VideoKings! We offer the top-rated Vancouver Wedding Videography in the city, offering exceptional customer service, stunning wedding videos, and backup wedding videographers for all shoots booked prior to August of the year. Our team is fully committed to ensuring you get the best wedding video possible, and we’ll personally guide you through the videography process so you feel comfortable at every step. Want excellent, professional Vancouver Wedding Videography? Request a quote today and receive one in less than thirty minutes!

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Stunning Vancouver Wedding Videography That You’ll Remember Forever

The VideoKings Vancouver Wedding Videography team has shot over 1000 exceptional weddings. Every team member has (on average) over 8 years of experience, has filmed every kind of wedding in every kind of environment, and is fully committed to the wedding industry.

Every wedding gets both a primary and backup wedding videographer, and each shoot is backed by our 100% client satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to help you remember every aspect of your wedding forever, from your family’s happiness at the first dance, to your bridal party’s excitement while getting ready, to the love in your significant other’s eyes as you say your vows.

Not only do we film – we edit, sound-engineer, and deliver full-length wedding videos for you and the love of your life. Whether you’re looking for a highlight reel or a longer experience, VideoKings is the right company for the job. Request a quote now and receive yours within thirty minutes or less!

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Remember Your Wedding Day Forever

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video is worth approximately twenty-four pictures per second. Do the math and you’ll quickly find that your wedding video will be a veritable encyclopedia of your wedding from start-to-finish. Because videos last forever, you and your family will be able to relish in the joys of your wedding day for years – and potentially (due to the Internet and modern data consolidations) for hundreds of generations! 

4K+ Vancouver Wedding Videography

Our team comes fully equipped with highly professional equipment, including 4K+ cameras, exceptional quaity microphones, studio lighting, and more. We take special care to add to the ambience of the venue, and to shoot your wedding as it organically happens – not as we think it should happen. Our Vancouver Wedding Videographers will seamlessly blend their equipment into the wedding, and we do everything in our power to provide as uninterrupted of an experience as possibl

Vancouver Wedding Videographer + Backup Wedding Videographer

Make no mistake: this is the main reason why people work with us! At VideoKings, you don’t just get one wedding videographer – you get two minimum on every shoot. We bundle a backup wedding videographer into your package at no extra cost to capture twice the footage, angles, and reactions, because we know that it always adds a special something to each and every video. Get peace of mind with us – request a quote today! 

Save Up To $3,000 - Join Our Network

If your wedding is still in its planning stages, don't worry! Our team has an extensive network of providers that offer complimentary wedding services, like DJing, catering, cakes, officiants, and more. The best part of all? When you book with us, you receive a complimentary 15% off of any related service!


Wedding Videos That You & Your Family Will Cherish For Decades By Professional Wedding Photographers

After attending and filming over one thousand weddings, our team knows that memories can be faulty. Videos, however, last forever. Because of digital storage mediums and the Internet, odds are, a video of your wedding stored in 2020 will be perfectly viewable in 2120. This means that our generation is now qualitatively different from the ones that came before us. Whereas previous weddings existed only in the minds of their participants, weddings today can be experienced and enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world years after the event itself takes place.

Photos and videos from dozens of years ago may only be recognizable today as blurry, corrupted grayscale images - but in the future, your family will be able to look at perfectly uncorrupted 4K video footage of your wedding as it actually took place. Isn't that something worth considering?

Our team is the Vancouver leader in Wedding Videography. We've worked with hundreds of couples, both young & old, and offered exceptional service at every step of the way. Nobody does wedding videos better than VideoKings. If you're looking for an exceptional wedding video, request a quote today! 


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Easily the best wedding videography company in Vancouver. Exceptional service, consistent results, and the team always knows just what we want. 

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