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Welcome to Video Kings. We’re Vancouver’s #1 producer of gorgeous, high-converting real estate videos for realtors in Vancouver. Our experienced team takes care of scripting, storyboarding, drone videography, interview-style videography, film editing, and even marketing (if requested)! Want a quality real estate video to showcase your personality and help buy or sell? Request a quote from our Vancouver Videographers today and lets get filming!

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Showcase Your Personality With Professional Real Estate Videos In Vancouver

Vancouver Video Kings creates beautiful, clear interview-style real estate videos that illuminate your personality and act as a digital calling card for your real estate business. We script, storyboard, film, and edit your real estate videos from start-to-finish – all you have to do is share a little bit about you, your outlook, and your approach to homes, and we take care of the rest. We’ve helped dozens of local realtors sell millions of dollars worth of homes, and our real estate videos are effective ways to generate real estate leads, connect personally with your prospects, and help build a community.

Too many realtors still focus on largely ineffective marketing like billboards or bench advertising. These methods are impersonal, and while they do work, they’re often expensive and almost always untrackable. Video, on the other hand, breathes life into your brand and modern tracking technologies allow you to see every aspect of viewer behavior, from the location of your prospect, to how long they watched your video, to what they did afterwards. Request a quote today and start improving your marketing ROI with Video Kings!

Our Principles

The #1 Preferred Vancouver Real Estate Videographers

Fantastic Real Estate Customer Service

After working with hundreds of real estate agents, we know deep down that the best way to do business in the realtor sector is by making excellent customer service our #1 priority. This has had profound implications for our business. In fact, these days, we rarely advertise real estate services at all – most of our new clients come through sterling recommendations from old ones! We don’t want a one-night stand – our company wants a long term, mutually beneficial relationship that helps both of us grow. If that’s what you’re looking for, Video Kings is the right fit.

Your Vancouver Real Estate Videographers

After working with hundreds of clients across a number of industries, our local Vancouver Real Estate Videographers are an important part of the real estate community. Our team members help local businesses get on the map, and performing 360 tours for charities and nonprofits. Our commitment to excellent customer service goes far past just working with clients for money – to us, it’s about providing amazing value to our community.

Affordable Real Estate Videos That Don't Break The Bank

Most real estate agents understand the financial realities of advertising very well. The vast majority of successful realtors have personally spent millions of dollars on brand advertising – everything from billboards to bench ads to online videos. And it seems like the rates are just going up.

With Video Kings, however, you get the best of both worlds. You get exceptional quality real estate advertising in the form of easily scaleable, sharable videos, and you also get to benefit from our mature production process: we produce more in less time for less money. And like any good company does, we pass those savings on to you!

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Get Real Estate Leads With Property Videos

A professional real estate video is one of the best investments your real estate business will ever make. By putting a face to the name, you connect with prospects, build comfort, and inspire them to take the next step with you. Additionally, our fantastic aerial videography easily highlights the beauty of your listed homes, and showcases them in a way most of your buyers have never seen before.

Exactly What You Want, Every Time

The unfortunate problem with most real estate video production companies is the big difference between what the realtor wants and what they get. Whether it’s poor company communication or a sloppy cinematographic process, expectations are one of the most important part of video production. Our patented system has you approve the process at every step, and every real estate video comes with a set of complimentary revisions so we can build true to your dream.

Content For Life

The great thing about our real estate videos is that once they’re produced, they’re yours for life. Many of our realtor clients use our real estate videos for years, and create dozens of social media posts, websites, YouTube videos, and more from a single 90-second piece of content. Establish your brand with professional real estate videos today!


Real Estate Videos That Sell Homes For You While You Sleep! Made Right Here In Vancouver.

As most real estate companies grow, agents often find themselves selling more than, you know, actually scaling their business. Having to generate leads day and night is notoriously taxing, and can take the joy right out of the real estate business – especially if you still do it the traditional way.

Billboards, broadcast advertising, bench advertising, and so on are often expensive, deliver little in terms of concrete leads, and are unfortunately completely untrackable. You have no idea how much money your ads are generating – and that can wreak havoc on your profitability. Our videos, on the other hand, sell your business for you while you sleep. They showcase your personality, and connect with your clients in a way that a simple picture on a billboard never can. They engage and inspire your prospects to move up the buying ladder and commit to you, and ultimately help grow you and your brand into a household name. Video marketing campaigns for realtors generate the most sales in the shortest amount of time, virtually eliminating the role of sales lead generation and allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Being Vancouver’s #1 Real Estate Video Production company, our incredible videography team has scripted, storyboarded, filmed, and edited over one hundred real estate videos in Vancouver. Real estate videos are some of our favorite to do because of their potential and the amount of revenue they generate their clients. Our experienced Vancouver Videographers have also created hundreds of motion graphics and animated videos, corporate videos, movie clips, & commercials, – and your project could be next!


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Top notch customer service with precise knowledge and detail oriented follow up. The entire team was very knowledgeable and I couldn’t imagine being happier with my results.

Eric Yip, Business Owner

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