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Welcome to Vancouver’s premier provider of professional wedding videography. Our excellent videographers use the highest quality equipment, come to your event early, and can provide both edited and raw footage (upon request). Hundreds of happy clients have recommended Video Kings for their Vancouver event videography needs – and you’re next! Request a quote and receive a response within minutes!

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The #1 Leading Vancouver Event Videography Team

Welcome to Vancouver Video Kings! Our exceptional team has filmed over one thousand events, and we’re not slowing down any time soon. Our staff are talented, passionate, and professional, and we can provide both raw or edited footage to every event. We offer private party videography, corporate party videography, wedding videography, event photography, birthday party videography, and more!

Our team is known across Vancouver for providing the best customer-service, and our response times are second-to-none (averaging forty five minutes or less seven days per week!) We’ll happily consult, plan, shoot, and edit your event as needed.

Events are meant to be remembered. Let’s immortalize yours with a professional, talented Video Kings event videographer. Request your quote today!

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Experienced, Local Vancouver Event Videographers

Exceptional Customer Service

Our team makes customer service the #1 priority. We walk you through every aspect of video production, from pre-production, to production, to post-production – and our local Vancouver Event Phpersonally consult with you until you’re 100% satisfied with the outcome. Our goal is to make all aspects of event videography comfortable, fun, and enjoyable, and we don’t rest until you’re absolutely in love with the finished product.

Your Vancouver Event Videographers

At Video Kings, we’re all about being mutually beneficial. Our Vancouver Event Videographers love shooting for charities, nonprofits, NGO’s, and fundraisers, and have produced hundreds of videos for local businesses and organizations. We love helping our local community – when Vancouver benefits, Video Kings benefits!

Exceptional, Event Videography in Vancouver at Reasonable Rates

Our Vancouver Event Videographers isn’t like the rest. The vast majority of other businesses are one or two man shows, run predominantly by people that are camera-first, business-second. This is fantastic from a creative point of view, but it has a big downside: businesses carry their inefficiencies onto the end client as increased prices. Not us. We’ve developed an exceptional, efficient pipeline that allows us to shoot, edit, and deliver for significantly less than the competition.

Are You A Nonprofit? Get A Free Video With The Video Kings Free Video Project™

At VideoKings, we love giving to our local community. That’s why we started the VideoKings Free Video Project, where we happily make one free professional 60s video to a local charity in need every month. Interested? Click here to reserve your spot in line!

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Remember Your Event Forever

Technology has changed the world. Events are no longer fleeting memories – they can be remembered forever thanks to photography and videography. Birthday party? Your children, their children, and (thanks to the Internet) your entire family will remember it for generations. Corporate event? Your business can use it as advertising material, inspiration for younger employees, or legacy footage for decades to come.

Weddings, Corporate, Private Parties, & More

After providing Vancouver event videography services for thousands of clients, we've learned how to film and edit every type of event. Our service offering package is the widest in the city, and our expert videographers have a deep understanding of both retail, commercial, and consumer markets. It's thus incredibly important that the person to whom you give the responsibility for shooting your event is a professional who lives, eats, and breathes event videography - like our talented team here at Video Kings.

Editing Included At Your Request

It's the Video Kings two-for-one special! Most Vancouver event videographers or photographers provide raw footage, but after shooting thousands of events, we know that clients love when we also offer professionally edited videos with expert sound-design and premium special effects.


Event Videography That You, Your Business, or Your Family Will Cherish Forever

Today's generation has an unprecedented opportunity in light of the Internet: staying power. Because of digital record keeping like social media, websites, and hard drives, your pictures and photos won't just be seen by your generation - but, in all likelihood, every generation of your family, business, or organization from here on out.

Video Kings is a leading Vancouver videographer and video production company. Our talented team has consulted, shot, edited, and photographed thousands of Vancouver events, and in the event industry, nothing is better than experience. Call or request a quote today to speak to a Vancouver event photographer or Vancouver event videographer!


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Top notch customer service with precise knowledge and detail oriented follow up. The entire team was very knowledgeable and I couldn't imagine being happier with my results.

Eric Yip

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