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Nationwide, people rely on Video Kings as their Vancouver drone videographer to commemorate their most treasured memories.

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Why Select Video Kings...?

Our priority is your experience; that’s why we provide extraordinary customer service, the top 1% of videography talent in Canada, an effortless process to save time and stress, and a memorable product that you can keep forever. Furthermore, getting started with us comes with no risk – if you’re not satisfied, you’ll receive a 100% refund up to 90 days before the event.


Our goal is to make your drone videography video shoot easy, enjoyable and stress-free by eliminating the headache typically associated with it.

Our team of experienced videographers have an average of 7.5 years each in the industry, specialized in all kinds of events and surroundings. We won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with the final product – our videos will be uniquely yours, capturing every moment that matters to you.

Get in touch with us for a quote and complete our form or call +1 (800) 496-3379 to get started. You will have your response within half an hour!

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Let True Experts Capture Your Special Moment

Instead of wasting time and effort researching drone videographers in Vancouver , we take on the burden for you. After interviewing thousands of videographers across Canada, only the top 1% earned a spot in our list. Our curated selection is ensured to have a 5-star rating from past clients they’ve worked with. We will match you to the perfect fit that comprehends your personality, vision and needs. On average, our:


You Can Count On Us To Take Care Of Everything

We’ll customize a package to fit your budget and needs, provide you with a 100% money back guarantee up to 90 days before your event, and take care of everything. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the moment.
We believe each client is a unique story with a beginning and an end. From the first phone call, we strive to create an atmosphere of comfort and quality. We consistently brainstorm ways to make our clients’ experience easier, smoother, and more enjoyable. Every client’s story culminates when they get to relive their special day’s best moments.

Here's How It Works

Video Kings follows a 3-step process…




To get started, please fill out our quote form down below. On average, we respond in 75 seconds. We’ll jump on a call to discuss your budget and needs, creating a custom solution tailored specifically for you.




We will take the time to understand your requirements and develop a personalized experience just for you. While filming, we will capture all the important moments, both big and small.



Our experienced editors will craft a film that mirrors your style and vision, allowing you to relive the special day just like it was the first time.





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It can be difficult to find a company that can meet your needs, especially if you don't know what you're looking for or you're unsure about how to use drones. We've been working with Video Kings for years and we can't say enough good things about them! They are incredibly knowledgeable about drones and they have an amazing eye for detail. They have helped us create some of our most memorable content, including drone footage of our office building and drone video of our office staff going through their daily routines. They really understand what it takes to make high-quality drone footage and they never miss a beat when it comes time to deliver on time and on budget.
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Drone Videography Client
Vancouver Drone Videographer, Vancouver drone video shoot videographer for drone in Vancouver
Vancouver Drone Videographer



We'll Take Care Of Everything

Fill out our form to get started and receive the best videographers, customer service, and price with no risk. We look forward to learning more about your needs. We usually respond within 75 seconds.

Commonly Asked Questions


Here are some of the frequently asked questions our team receives…

We have a qualified videographers in all 6 of the major Canadian cities—Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. Our professionals are versatile; they can shoot videos no matter what the environment is. To view our full list of videographers and book one for your occasion—based on your preferences as well as availability—head over to our team page.

Based on your style, personality and vision, we will select the right Vancouver drone videographer for you. We’ll get to know you better through consultation with our team of professionals who will ask the necessary questions to understand your needs. Once we believe that we’ve identified the best person to represent you, you may choose any member on our team and chat until you are perfectly content with your selection.

You don’t need to worry! Our wide selection of drone videographers in Vancouver allows you to choose one that suits your needs. We are also happy for you to pick another on our team if needed. The process is simple – we’ll arrange phone calls between you and each videographer until the perfect fit is found.

Picking the right Vancouver drone videographer for you is very important to us at Video Kings. We will begin with an initial consultation call to get know more about you and then another follow up call to cover the details of your event. If interested, we offer 1 call between you and a selected videographer, depending on availability for your date; if extra conversations are desired, we ask for a 100% refundable deposit in order to proceed. In the off chance that our team of videographers is not satisfactory.

Our videographers have traveled throughout Canada and we’re certain that we can showcase the atmosphere of your venue and make your Vancouver drone video shoot sparkle.

Generally, the time taken to produce your video ranges from thirty to ninety days, depending on several factors, such as the duration of filming your event and editing complexity.

A standby drone  videographers in Vancouver is always kept up to date on your event details and will be able to step in for the original one if needed, at no additional cost. We understand the importance of having a reliable backup plan.

In order to reserve our Vancouver drone videography services for your special day, Video Kings requires a signed agreement and 50% deposit.

You can get your deposit back up to 90 days before the video shoot. However, if the event is cancelled less than 3 months in advance, the deposit won’t be refunded. We will happily reschedule your date without any additional cost.


At Video Kings, you’ll be assigned your own event manager, have videographers dedicated to filming your project, and a professional editing team to create the video. We go through an intensive discovery process where we’ll listen to your vision, plan out the video, and keep you in the loop throughout its creation. Plus, we always send our clients an online planning form that covers every detail of their event; if you have any special requests just let us know and we’ll do our best to

We will send the videos via WeTransfer or Google Drive

With our no-risk service, you get the best videographers, customer service, and price in the business. Contact us today to get started.

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