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Welcome to Video Kings, your #1 provider of stunning, high-quality drone videography & drone photography in Vancouver. Our gorgeous, 4K drone videos create stunning backdrops, B roll, and gorgeous additions to the rest of your footage. Video Kings Drone Videography & Photography is ideal for real estate, industrial or commercial, film & media, or corporate videos, and we offer both raw footage or edited footage for our clients. Need beautiful, gorgeous drone photos or videos for your business? Request a quote from our Vancouver Drone Videographers today and lets get filming!

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Gorgeous Raw & Edited Aerial Videos for Vancouver Businesses & Realtors

Our Vancouver Videography team has shot thousands of hours of high quality drone video, and we’ve taken tens of thousands of drone photos. Our drone operators are fully licensed, insured, and experienced at drone videography and produce stunning results every time. Whether you’re a realtor, a business, or require drone footage for a particular project, our Vancouver drone videography team can script, storyboard, film, and edit your drone videos from start-to-finish; all we need from you is tell us what you want & we’ll take care of the rest. These simple drone videos and photos are often instrumental to lead generation and allow your prospects to engage with your brand visually.

Vancouver Video Kings has its roots in drone videography, and it remains our primary service offering today. Our experienced videography team does dozens of drone outings each month, and our extensive experience has allowed us to create a reliable, efficient system that delivers exactly what the client wants, every time. Don’t just be a faceless brand – take your business into the real digital era with our professionally done drone videos in Vancouver. Request a quote today!

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Your Source For Exceptional Vancouver Drone Photographers and Videographers

The #1 Customer-Service Oriented Drone Photographer

With all else held equal, most clients can’t tell the difference in quality between a $40,000 drone and a $10,000 drone. Our job isn’t to sell you on the merits of a billion and one pixels versus a billion and two – it’s to prioritize your experience, comfort, and understanding of the process. The vast majority of our business is repeat business – for the simple reason that Video Kings makes customer service our #1 unwavering principle. We’ll guide you through every part of the drone photography process, and educate you on what to look for (and what’s out there looking for you!) when choosing a drone photographer. 

Your Vancouver Drone Photographers

Vancouver Video Kings is proud to be a staple of the local Vancouver community. You can find our Vancouver videographers filming local events, editing for local charities, and helping improve our local Vancouver economy.

Affordable Vancouver Drone Photography & Videography

Vancouver Drone Photography can be expensive. Because of increasing regulations, the majority of drone photographers have to apply for repeated licenses, permits, and insurance. They also have to risk their expensive equipment (usually $10,000+) on every shoot, and run the risk of losing it all in the event of bad weather or other calamity. It’s no surprise, then, that the majority of other drone photography companies in Vancouver charge exorbitant rates for just a few hours. Our company, however, has developed a robust project management process that allows us to shoot the same for less. And we pass those savings onto you!

Need Drone Footage For Your Nonprofit? Join The VideoKings Free Photography Project™

Our commitment at Video Kings is to provide value not only to our shareholders, but to our wider local community as well. Hence why we started the VideoKings Free Video Project – a novel initiative where our team happily offers one free professional drone shoot to a local charity, nonprofit, or NGO each month. Interested? Click here to reserve your spot in line!

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4K Video & Cutting Edge Equipment

Our talented drone videographers are licensed, insured, and carry the best drone equipment currently available today. Our team includes members from ICG 669, Aerial Drone Directors of Photography, and certified pilots. If you’re looking for high quality drone videography, you’ve found the right place.

Perfect For Real Estate & Property Photos

Our drone videos are perfect additions to property videos, realtor videos, and industrial projects of any size. Our experienced videographers get the best angles to showcase your property, and videos produced by our team members routinely help sell multi-million dollar properties in the Lower Mainland.

Video Content For Life

Once you get our Vancouver drone video package, all of the content we film for you is yours for life. You own it completely, and can slice, dice, and repurpose it as you see fit. Many of our clients find themselves using our drone content for years, and we often see dozens of social media posts, website clips, YouTube videos, and more from just a single 90-second piece of content. Establish your brand with our professional drone videos today!


Aerial Drone Videos That Add Immense Value To Real Estate, Industrial Projects, Film/Media, & More! Filmed Right Here In Vancouver, B.C.

Recent technological advancements in unmanned aerial photography and videography have revolutionized the film making industry. Novel angles have allowed for the incredible exploration of new perspectives, and viewers today get to experience things that could only be dreamed of twenty or thirty years ago.

The best part of all? It’s now affordable and often preferable for small businesses, real estate agents, and small to mid-sized film projects to get high quality drone footage. Whether you’re looking for aerial property views, an industrial examination or audit, or an addition to a high quality film project, our Vancouver drone videography services are the best choice for your needs.

As a leading Vancouver video production company, our VideoKings team members have scripted, storyboarded, filmed, and edited hundreds of videos in Vancouver. We got our start with drone photography and drone videography, and our experienced pilots put their heart and soul into every job. Our experienced Vancouver Videographers have also created hundreds of corporate videos, movie clips, commercials, music videos, & realtor videos – and your project could be next!


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Top notch customer service with precise knowledge and detail oriented follow up. The entire team was very knowledgeable and I couldn’t imagine being happier with my results.

Eric Yip, Business Owner

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