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Video Kings is the top animated video production company in Vancouver, having created hundreds of high quality, information-dense animated videos for companies all over the world. Our videos are perfect for kickstarters, crowdfunding, information products, marketing videos, and more. Looking for intriguing, quality motion graphics videos for your business or YouTube channel? Request a quote from our video team today and get a response within minutes!

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Stunning Animated Videos & Motion Graphics for Startups, Crowdfunding, How-To’s, & More

Vancouver Video Kings has an excellent team of animators, voice actors, & video editors that create beautiful, high-quality animation videos in half the time of regular video production companies. Our experienced video team scripts, storyboards, and animates your vision, and all of our video production services come complete with voiceovers, audio, mixing, mastering, & more. 

This makes our video animation services perfect for disruptive startups, Kickstarter campaigns, crowdfunding, YouTube channels, and small businesses looking to transmit a lot of information in a short amount of time. Our high-quality videos are also infinitely shareable and easily repurposed to feature in any social media channel, website, or online marketing campaign. Improve your ROI and generate leads on autopilot with our animated videos – request a quote to get started!

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The right animated videos inspire, educate, and catalyze action. And the right animated video production company inspires, educates, and catalyzes action. We don’t keep our secrets in a black box – with us, you’ll learn every aspect of our video production pipeline from start to finish. We’ll educate you on what to look for, how things are done, and why certain things are needed – so that you never feel like you’re getting anything less than the complete package. Customer service is our absolute priority – and that’s something you’ll deeply learn the moment you meet one of our excellent Animated Video Producers. 

Your Vancouver Animated Video Production Company

Not only is Vancouver Video Kings an important component of the local Vancouver community, we’ve also produced dozens of short animated videos for businesses all over the world. We’ve created explainer videos, documentary shorts, motion graphics, and more for businesses just like yours! 

Vancouver Animated Videos That Are Twice As Good - For Half The Cost

Since our main priority at Video Kings is effective customer service, an important part of our offerings is our price. Most companies neglect to mention money, since their goal is to mythify and exaggerate the results of their service without concern for budget, but the reality of the situation is, money is the primary issue most people are concerned about. And for good reason. With Video Kings, however, we’ve developed a cost-effective and efficient project pipeline that lets us deliver stunning animated videos for a fraction of the price that a larger agency would charge you. We pass savings on to our customers – not the other way around!

No-Charge Animated Videos with the Video Kings Free Video Project™

Video Kings is all about service. And the best way to serve is to give without expecting anything in return.

That’s why Video Kings began the Free Video Project, a monthly animated video giveaway. Each month, we provide  make one free 60s video to a local NGO, nonprofit, or charity in need. Click here to reserve your spot in line!

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Professional, Shareable Animated Videos

All of our animated videos feature stunning artwork, crisp voiceovers, and a strong story. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, inform the public, or sell your product online, we build beautiful visual experiences that captivate your audience and help you achieve your goals.

Exactly What You Want, Every Time

The biggest problem with most video production companies is the difference between the client vision and the end result. Clients often end up unhappy with the finished product because of poor company communication or a sloppy cinematographic process. Not us. Our patented video production pipeline has you approve the process at every step, and every video comes with a set of complimentary revisions so we can build true to your dream.

Kickstarters, Crowdfunding, & More!

Our animated videos shine in the crowdfunding space. Whether you're a new startup with disruptive potential or a SaaS company looking to crowdfund a release, we help you easily raise capital with simple, clear messaging & sleek design. Animated videos have very high ROIs - take advantage of that with our professional Vancouver Animated Video package!


Generate Thousands Of Quality Leads With Beautiful, Professional Graphic Motion & Animated Videos In Vancouver

Lead generation used to be the job of a full-time salesperson working around the clock. It was arduous, monotonous, and difficult to do well. Not anymore - today, a single sixty-second video can acquire more leads for you & your startup in an hour than a traditional salesforce could have in a full month. Animated videos scale incredibly quickly, have viral potential, and are often the single most disruptive type of video available due to its high information density and clear graphical nature.

As one of the best Vancouver production companies, the VideoKings team has created dozens of quality Animated Videos in Vancouver. Our experienced Vancouver Videographers have also created hundreds of real estate videos, corporate videos, movie clips, & commercials, - and your project could be next!


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Top notch customer service with precise knowledge and detail oriented follow up. The entire team was very knowledgeable and I couldn't imagine being happier with my results.

Eric Yip, Business Owner

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