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Couples nationwide rely on Video Kings as their Toronto wedding videographer to create the most meaningful memories.


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Why Should You Choose Video Kings...?

Our focus is on providing you with an exceptional experience. That means top-notch customer service, only the best videographers in Canada, a straightforward process that spares you from hassles, and a final product that can be cherished forever. Plus, getting started with us comes risk-free thanks to our 100% money-back guarantee if your event is still 90 days away or further.

We strive to make your wedding stress-free and enjoyable, eliminating all the headache usually associated with it.

Our videographers have an average of 7.5 years experience, and specialize in every type of event. We promise to work with you until the final product is up to your standards, taking into account all the moments that truly matter. The videos we produce are designed to match your vision.

Get in touch with us for a quote and complete our form or call +1 (800) 496-3379 to get started. You will have your response within half an hour!

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Entrust Your Video To Professionals

Searching for a Toronto wedding videographer is not an easy task and can take up a lot of time. To make the process easier, we have interviewed thousands of videographers across Canada and only kept the top 1% that consistently maintain high ratings from past clients. Instead of wasting your time looking for the right one, we will match you with someone that best fits your personality, vision, and needs. Our average:



Let Us Handle Everything

We’ll tailor a package to fit your needs and budget, plus provide you with a 100% money-back guarantee up to 90 days before the event – removing any risk. You can relax knowing that from start to finish, we are taking care of everything.


For us, each client is a unique and special story. When you reach out to Video Kings, we start telling that story with comfort and high standards. We strive to make the process simple, effortless and enjoyable for our clients. The journey finally reaches its conclusion when they get to experience their best moments of their special day once more.



Guide to the Process

Video Kings follows a straightforward 3-step process…




26. To get started, please fill out our quote form down below. On average, we respond in 75 seconds. We will set up a call to understand what your needs and budget are, so that we can develop a personalized solution.



While filming, we’ll record the major and minor details that paint a complete picture. We’ll capture moments both large and small, that will truly speak for themselves when filming.



Our experts will put together the perfect movie that reflects your personal style and vision, enabling you to enjoy your special day over and over again. Once it is complete, we will edit the footage to match your preferences and deliver it to you within one to three weeks.




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We'll Take Care Of Everything

Fill out our form to get started and receive the best videographers, customer service, and price with no risk. We look forward to learning more about your needs. We usually respond within 75 seconds.



Commonly Asked Questions



Here are the most frequently asked questions our team receives…

Video Kings has a full roster of talented videographer. We have a list of highly qualified videographers in each of the 6 major Canadian cities: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. Our videographers are experts at capturing videos in any setting – you can view our team page to see them all. Depending on your preferences and our availability, we’ll select the perfect videographer for your across 6 major Canadian cities, including Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. Our experts can film videos in any environment, so you’ll find the perfect fit for your event on our team page. We will assign the best wedding videographer in Toronto based on your requirements and availability.


We’ll assess your style, personality, and vision to determine the perfect Toronto wedding videographer for you. We’ll get to know you through consultation by asking questions that will help us understand your needs and preferences. Our team will then recommend a match they think would be the most fitting for you. Of course, if none of our suggestions feel right, you are welcome to chat with any one of our video artist until you make a selection that makes 100% satisfied.


Not to worry! There are many different videographers on our team that fit a variety of tastes. You can easily switch to another member of our team if you’d like. The process is effortless: we will schedule phone calls between you and our various videographers until you find the perfect match.


With Video Kings, it’s important to pair you with the right Toronto wedding videographer. We’ll begin with an initial consultation call to get to know you, followed by a follow up call to finalize the details of your event. During this step, we can arrange for one phone call between a videographer of your choice and yourself – if they’re available on that date. If you want to talk with more videographers first before proceeding, we ask for a 100% refundable deposit in order to schedule a videographer.

Harnessing our experience filming in Canada, we are certain that we can bring out the character of your venue and make your video look extraordinary.


The amount of time it usually takes to complete a project varies from 30-90 days, depending on the duration of your event, the length of the final video product, and how complex the editing process is.


We provide a backup videographer at no extra cost who will stay up to date on all the details of your event. In the case that the initial videographer is unable, they will take over and shoot your Toronto wedding video shoot.


To guarantee Video Kings’ Toronto wedding videography services for your date, we require a signed agreement and a 50% deposit.


Your deposit is completely refundable if you cancel at least 90 days before your scheduled shoot. However, if the event is cancelled less than 3 months prior to your video shoot, then the deposit won’t be refunded. But we can reschedule without any additional cost.


We go through a comprehensive process to understand your vision, devise a plan for the video and keep you engaged throughout. You’ll have an event manager assigned to you, videographers to film your project and our expert editors will create the video. Our online planning form covers every specific detail about your event, but if there are any special requests we’d be happy to make them!


We will send the videos via WeTransfer or Google Drive

With our no-risk service, you get the best videographers, customer service, and price in the business. Contact us today to get started.

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