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Navigating the Cost of Hiring a Wedding Videographer in Ottawa

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A newly-married couple taking outdoor photos.


They say that weddings are the culmination of your relationship with your partner… but we also think that it’s the ultimate test of patience and your ability to find the perfect wedding videographer in Ottawa! 

So, in case you’re currently knee-deep in all of that wedding planning, we’ve made this handy guide that tells you all about the cost of a wedding videographer in Ottawa, along with package options, add-ons to consider, hidden fees to avoid, and even some budgeting tips to help your wallet breathe easier.

Sounds good? Well then, let’s get started!

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Average Cost of a Wedding Videographer in Ottawa

On average, the cost of a wedding videographer in Ottawa is around $2,2000 and up, depending on a few factors. Of course, these factors include the type of package you’re getting, any add-ons you want, and even the experience and expertise of the videographer.

But we totally get it – that’s not exactly the cheapest vendor in an already long list of wedding expenses. So, let’s go over the usual package options in order to help you find the best deal according to your budget.

Package Options When Hiring a Wedding Videographer In Ottawa

When budgeting for the cost of a wedding videographer in Ottawa, there are usually types of package options meant for different budgets and preferences. Here are the most common ones you should be able to find in the market:

The cost of a wedding videographer in Ottawa depends on the complexity of your event.
  • Essential Package – Do you want something affordable and simple? If so, then the typical essential package is for you, as this usually only includes filming of the ceremony, key moments during the reception, and basic editing services to compile a cohesive video. It’s simple, gets the job done, and won’t make a big dent on your wedding expenses, making it the ideal pick for couples that are having a small and intimate ceremony.

  • Standard Package – Planning a more medium-sized wedding and the essential package just isn’t cutting it? Well then, you can easily take things up another notch with the standard package! Usually, this expands the coverage to include pre-ceremony preparations, such as getting ready shots, as well as extended footage of the reception festivities. Editing inclusions may encompass color grading, audio enhancements, and multiple camera angles for a polished final product.

  • Premium Package – Planning an extravagant wedding? In that case, you want a comprehensive cinematic experience for your wedding video, and the premium package usually takes care of that. For the price, the premium package offers full-day coverage from start to finish, including pre-ceremony events, ceremony highlights, reception celebrations, and creative editing techniques such as storytelling narratives, drone footage, and custom soundtracks. It doesn’t get more extravagant than this!

  • Customized Packages – Many videographers also offer customized packages where you can tailor services based on your specific vision, adding or removing elements to align with your preferences and budget constraints. This type of package is also ideal for couples that want to pull off a specific vision or theme for their celebration. 

Add-Ons to Consider Adding to Your Wedding Package

Have some extra on the wedding funds to spare? In addition to core package offerings, consider incorporating these add-ons to enhance your wedding videography experience and make your day even more memorable!

  • Drone Footage – Want to show off your Ottawa wedding venue or simply want to add more dimension to your wedding video? In that case, then try inquiring for some drone videography, as it’s the best way to capture stunning panoramic views of your surroundings to add that sense of grandeur. It’s also perfect for outdoor wedding venues, and prices usually start at around $250!
  • Additional Hours of Coverage – Don’t want to miss any of the special moments during your big day? In that case, opt for additional hours of coverage beyond the standard duration, as this helps ensure that the cameras keep rolling from start to finish. Prices for these additional hours usually fall between $100 to $300.
  • Highlight Reels or Trailers – Much like artists releasing a greatest hits compilation, you can also opt for a highlight reel of your wedding, showcasing all of the best (or funniest!) moments that happened during the celebration. Depending on the length and complexity, these extras usually start at $100 and up.
  • Raw Footage Access – Request raw footage for a more extensive archive of your wedding day, allowing you to revisit unedited moments and relive cherished memories of your big day. You can even make your own edits if you wish!
  • Second Videographer – You know what they say, two is better than one! Enlist a second videographer to capture multiple perspectives simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive coverage of key moments and candid reactions… and to make sure your videographer doesn’t have to keep running all over the place! 

Hidden Costs and Fees to Watch Out For

While discussing pricing with your chosen videographer for your wedding, be mindful of potential hidden costs and fees that may impact your budget and throw a wrench in all of your wedding planning. Here are the most common ones:

Newlyweds taking outdoor wedding photos with their family.
  • Travel Expenses – Planning for a destination wedding? In that case, you may end up celebrating outside the videographer’s standard service area, which may then lead to additional charges for travel, accommodation, or transportation of equipment. So consider this beforehand, and make sure to discuss with your videographer to avoid surprises.
  • Overtime Fees – Exceeding agreed-upon coverage hours could result in overtime charges, so clarify these terms in your contract to avoid surprises on your end.
  • Editing Revisions – While most packages include a set number of editing revisions, extensive changes or re-edits beyond this limit may incur additional fees. Make sure to look in the contract for this aspect as well.
  • Equipment Upgrades or Rentals – Special requests for specific camera equipment, lighting setups, or audio enhancements may involve extra costs depending on the complexity of the equipment. So, discuss this with your photographer as well. What’s more, asking about this aspect early on gives you a good idea of the videographer’s expertise, and whether they have the right tools that are needed for the job. 

Budgeting Tips When Hiring a Wedding Videographer in Ottawa

Now, despite all of the package options we’ve included above, budgeting for the final cost of a wedding videographer in Ottawa is still tricky… almost as much as booking a wedding photographer or wedding DJ. So, in order to help ease some of the stress, here are some extra budgeting tips and reminders you can take note of:

  • Define Your Priorities – Before anything, sit down with your partner and define your priorities with the wedding video. Do you want to focus on a highlight reel? Or do you want a comprehensive coverage that will provide plenty of raw footage you can edit yourself? In any case, figure out what you want more, and adjust your expectations and budget from there.
  • Research and Compare – Next, before deciding on whether a single videographer is worth it, explore multiple options, review their portfolios, and request quotes to compare pricing, package inclusions, and value-added services before making a decision.
  • Book Early – The early bird gets the early worm, and that’s the same even for wedding videographers! So, unless you plan on holding your wedding during the non-peak season, make sure to secure your chosen videographer well in advance to ensure availability and potentially benefit from early booking discounts.
  • Bundle Services – Want a more comprehensive service while still saving on money? Well then, make sure to inquire if your wedding videographer offers package deals or discounts when bundling videography services.
  • Negotiate with Clarity – Communicate openly with your videographer about your budget constraints and desired services. Be transparent about your expectations, and negotiate terms that align with your financial plan while meeting your videography needs.
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And there you have it, all of the information that you’d need when budgeting for the cost of a wedding videographer in Ottawa! 

By learning about the average costs, package options, add-ons, hidden fees, and budgeting strategies, you should be able to make a nuanced decision alongside your partner, resulting in a more memorable and budget-conscious wedding! 

But just in case you don’t know where to start looking for your wedding videographer, why not work with our experts here at Video Kings? As the top provider of premier videography services here in Ottawa, we’re composed of a team of the best 1% of videographers, high-quality equipment, and industry-leading customer service. 

So, don’t forget to hit us up for a quote, and let’s get to planning your dream wedding for you!

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