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People from every corner of the country turn to Video Kings for their Markham wedding photography for the most meaningful memories.

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Why Pick Video Kings...?

Customer experience is our top priority. That means you get the best customer service, access to the top 1% of Canadian photography talent, an easy process that saves you time and stress, and a beautiful final product to treasure forever! Plus, It’s risk free – we offer a 100% money-back guarantee up to 90 days prior to your event.

Our goal is to make your wedding a breeze, allowing you to enjoy the occasion without any unnecessary headache or stress.

Our highly experienced photographers, with an average of 7.5 years each in the industry, specialize in all types of events and settings. We won’t stop until you’re fully content with the results – our photos are crafted to meet your vision, preserving every important moment.

Get in touch with us for a quote and complete our form or call +1 (800) 496-3379 to get started. You will have your response within half an hour!

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Entrust Your Photo To Professionals

Instead of wasting your time and energy searching for the right Markham wedding photographer, we have interviewed thousands of photographers in Canada to curate a selection of only the top 1% who maintain a 5-star rating from their past clients. We then match you with the best option that complements your personality, vision, and needs. On average our:


Leave it all to us!

We’ll create a package to fit your budget and needs, and we want you to rest assured knowing that up until 90 days before your event, you’re covered by our 100% money back guarantee. From beginning to end, we’ve got it all taken care of – all you need to do is sit back and savor the moment.


At Video Kings, each client is unique and we’re in charge of crafting their journey. From the initial phone call, we strive to provide comfort and fulfil high standards. We devise ways to make the lives of our clients simpler, easier, and more enjoyable. The culmination of each story is when they can once again experience the finest moments from their special day.



Here's How It Works

Video Kings follows a straightforward 3-step process…



To get started, please fill out our quote form down below. On average, we respond in 75 seconds. We’ll be happy to speak with you and devise a custom solution that fits your budget and meets your needs.



We will take the time to understand your requirements and develop a personalized experience just for you. Our film crew will capture both the grand and subtle moments, conveying emotion through every shot.




Our editing experts will construct the ideal video that reflects your preferences and outlook, giving you a chance to relive your special day all over again.




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We'll Take Care Of Everything

Fill out our form to get started and receive the best photographers, customer service, and price with no risk. We look forward to learning more about your needs. We usually respond within 75 seconds.

Commonly Asked Questions


These are the most commonly asked questions we receive…


From Montreal to Ottawa, Video Kings has a variety of highly-skilled photographers that can capture photos in any setting. You can check out our team page for the full list of available photographers and make your selection based on your preferences and availability.

We will get to know you and your needs through consultation, so we can pair you with the perfect Markham wedding photographer for your style, personality, and vision. You have the freedom to select any photographer from our team, and also discuss with them until you feel fully satisfied.

Don’t worry! We have various wedding photographers in Markham to fit many different styles. Feel free to select a new member of our team if need be. Our process is straightforward: you will receive successive phone calls with each of our photographers until you find your perfect match.

At Video Kings, it’s essential that we connect you with the perfect Markham wedding photographer. We’ll begin with an initial consultation call to learn more about you and then arrange a subsequent call to settle the details of your event. For now, we can book 1 call between yourself and a preferred photographer – provided they’re available on your date. If you’d like to speak with additional photographers, but are not sure if this is for you, we offer a 100% refundable deposit for such inquiries.

From coast to coast, we are confident in our ability to capture the essence of your venue and make your photo stand out.

The timeframe for completion ranges from 30-90 days, depending on several matters like the duration of filming, and the complexity levels of editing.

Our backup photographer is always kept in the loop and knows all of the details relating to your event. In case of any issues, they will be ready to step in and shoot the photo without incurring extra fee.

To secure our Markham wedding photography services for your date, Video Kings needs both a 50% deposit and a signed agreement.

You can get your deposit back up to 3 months prior to the event date. If you cancel within 90 days before shooting, the deposit is non-refundable, however we will reschedule at no additional cost.


Our process is thorough and we will ensure you understand every detail. We’ll listen to your vision, plan out your photo and keep you updated as the process moves forward. You’ll get an event manager, wedding photographers in Markham for shooting and a professional editing team for creating your Markham wedding photo shoot. An online planning form will be sent to cover all details about your event; if you have any special requests, let us know and we’ll do our best to honor them!

We will send the photos via WeTransfer or Google Drive

With our no-risk service, you get the best photographers, customer service, and price in the business. Contact us today to get started.

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