Professional Vancouver Wedding Videography company specializing in high-quality wedding video production for the most discerning of clients. We have been in business for many years and we are still owned and operated by our family!

We specialize in wedding videography with a focus on creating beautiful videos that will make your guests say “wow!” Not only do we provide you with great videography equipment, but also excellent training to help you succeed as a wedding videographer. Our goal is to create a lasting memory for your special day.

Vancouver wedding videography work with all types of venues including churches, hotels, corporate events, private homes, and more.

Models make these types of events work the best, as they are very effective in engaging with guests at the wedding ceremony and reception. Our models have highly developed interpersonal skills and are courteous, professional, and classy at all times with a touch of whimsy. They have a friendly approach to interacting with guests that makes them appropriate at even the most upscale weddings. Using a model for your wedding is an innovative idea that your guests won’t have seen before, and will talk about it for years.

We’ve developed sophisticated video editing software that produces unique, creative videos. Unlike many other companies, we don’t use template videos or cookie-cutter approaches to our wedding videos. All of our wedding videos are produced using a mix of automated and manual techniques by our expert video editors. Our wedding videographers work with you to achieve the exact vision you have for your wedding video.

Personally cover all of the details so that you have more time to enjoy your wedding day.

Start enjoying your wedding video from the moment you hire us. After we receive your signed contract, we assign you a dedicated wedding coordinator who remains in contact with you until your wedding day.

You will work with a dedicated and experienced videographer who works tirelessly to capture all the important events on your wedding day. You’ll have unhindered artistic and technical control over the final product.

 Primary and backup Vancouver wedding videography staff are always ready to film your wedding video.

Video Kings always include at least two videographers for weddings that are held in Vancouver. Because we don’t want them to arrive late or miss a single special moment. If there is any problem with the wedding videos (lane closure, accident, etc.), then our staff will work on an alternative route to arrive at your wedding on time.

Our model and professional Vancouver wedding videography follow strict protocols. To ensure that we capture all of the important events on your wedding day. Your dedicated wedding planner will inform you about these before your wedding, and you can also visit our online wedding planner. Vancouver wedding videography only begins filming after we have your signed contract and after guests are allowed into your ceremony location. We stop filming briefly during the ceremony so that we do not obstruct the view of guests. We are very careful to be unobtrusive while filming so that we do not distract the guests from enjoying the special occasion.

Lastly, we keep each wedding story private. We never share your video with any other clients or any third parties. Your wedding video and the story behind it are yours and yours alone. This is an example of the type of story that we create for our clients.

Will you let us be a part of your wedding day?

Let’s get started!

Yes! We are available for any wedding, birthday party, or other special occasions that you can think of. If you would like us to make your wedding video, then we will need some information from you about your wedding.

For our wedding video packages, we have a few pre-planned options. If none of the options are ideal for you, please feel free to contact us with your ideas and we can work with you to create a custom package.

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