Your Vancouver Event Videography

At VideoKings, we understand how important your big event day is to you. You’ve spent dozens of hours, sometimes hundreds, crafting the perfect experience for your friends, family, or corporate guests. We will do everything we can to make sure that you and your loved ones will have the best memories of your special day. […]

How to Succeed in Vancouver Video Production 2021

You are about to enter the world of Vancouver video production and you have no idea what to expect. You don’t even know if this is something that interests you or not. The only thing you do know is your work will be seen by thousands of people every day and it would seem that’s […]

What is Vancouver Video Production, and Why Do We Need It?

Vancouver Video Production has been in decline for years due to the lack of qualified technicians, and the high cost of doing business here. I have been asked to write this article because I believe that there are many people who do not know what Vancouver Video Production (VVP) is or why it is important. […]

Get Stunning, Beautiful Vancouver Wedding Videography | Video Kings

The Video Kings team is more than happy to be able to present this guide on how to make your Vancouver Wedding Videography request perfect. Make no mistake – people at all stages of the wedding planning process are stressed, anxious about hiring service providers, and in a rush to just ‘get it over and […]

How Vancouver Video Production Make You Accessible for Everyone | Video Kings

I have been working in the Vancouver video production industry since 1982 and I have seen many changes over that time. The most significant change has been the increasing accessibility of video production equipment to everyone who wants one. This includes home computer users as well as professional videographers and editors. In fact, there are […]

Top Corporate Video Production Company in Vancouver, BC | Video Kings

Corporate Video Production Background In the early 1990s, corporate video production was an explosion of interest in “video” and “home video.” It seemed like every home had its own VCR (or even its very own television set) to record shows for later viewing on-demand or as a rental. In fact, it wasn’t just TV programs […]

Best Corporate Video Vancouver Company 2020 | Video Kings

What does it take to be the best corporate video company in Canada? Video Kings has been named one of the top 10 most innovative Corporate Video Vancouver Companies in Canada for fifty-plus years Of Collective Vancouver Video Production Experience and the #1 Corporate Video Production Company, Film Editors, & Cinematographers. Their professional videographers have […]

Best Full-Service Video Production Company | Video Kings

I am the owner and founder of Video Kings. I have been working in a video production company for over 5 years. My services include video production and post-production. I have worked with several prominent companies in many different fields. Most of my clients are referrals and repeat customers. My goal is to make your […]

Top Well-known Video Production In Vancouver

In the early 1990s, when I was working as an intern at a video production company in downtown Vancouver, I had the opportunity to interview some of the most well-known people involved with making videos for various companies and organizations. I interviewed several people who had some experience with video production. I also contacted a […]

Best Guide to Hire Vancouver Video Production

How does Vancouver Video Production work? Vancouver Video Production has been around for over 30 years now, but it’s only in the last few that its popularity has grown exponentially. In fact, I’d say it was only recently that Vancouver Video Production became more than just a small local company making independent films. It started […]