Video Kings: Best Video Production Vancouver in 2021

Vancouver has long been known as the “Video Capital of Canada.” But what does that really mean? Does it just refer to the number of video production Vancouver jobs available here or are there other factors at play? In order to answer these questions, I’ve compiled a list of some key statistics on this issue […]

What is Vancouver Video Production, and Why Do We Need It?

Vancouver Video Production has been in decline for years due to the lack of qualified technicians, and the high cost of doing business here. I have been asked to write this article because I believe that there are many people who do not know what Vancouver Video Production (VVP) is or why it is important. […]

How Vancouver Video Production Make You Accessible for Everyone | Video Kings

I have been working in the Vancouver video production industry since 1982 and I have seen many changes over that time. The most significant change has been the increasing accessibility of video production equipment to everyone who wants one. This includes home computer users as well as professional videographers and editors. In fact, there are […]

Best Full-Service Video Production Company | Video Kings

I am the owner and founder of Video Kings. I have been working in a video production company for over 5 years. My services include video production and post-production. I have worked with several prominent companies in many different fields. Most of my clients are referrals and repeat customers. My goal is to make your […]