Your Vancouver Event Videography

At VideoKings, we understand how important your big event day is to you. You’ve spent dozens of hours, sometimes hundreds, crafting the perfect experience for your friends, family, or corporate guests. We will do everything we can to make sure that you and your loved ones will have the best memories of your special day. […]

Your Vancouver Quote For Video Production

At VideoKings, we provide the film crews and video services to create your next video production. We are a Canadian video production company providing professional video services across all media platforms. We are based in Vancouver, Canada. However, our services include filming and production across Canada, United States, Europe, and in some cases, worldwide. Video […]

Your Vancouver Real Estate Drone Video

At VideoKings, we are known for our amazing drone videos. We are based in Vancouver, Canada, and we offer real estate drone video and photography to clients across the globe. We understand the importance of surrounding the viewer with stunning visuals and a captivating storyline. When you film with us, you can expect an unforgettable […]

Your Vancouver Real Estate Video Tour

At VideoKings, we’re proud to have been recognized as one of the top real estate video production services in Vancouver, serving the greater Vancouver area. Real Estate property video tour When it comes to homes for sale, there’s no better way to show off your property than with a professionally produced real estate video. Our […]

Your Vancouver Shopify Product Video

At VideoKings, our video production experts will help you create a powerful and professional Shopify product video that will bring a lot of business to your eCommerce store. We are the video production experts in Vancouver for Shopify product videos. Our team has over 10 years of experience in video production and we also have […]

Your Vancouver Videographer Website

At VideoKings, we are an experienced video production company based in the Vancouver area. We specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses to create better videos for their marketing and communications needs. We always work to bring you creative, strategic, and effective solutions for your organization’s video needs. Our video production team includes experts in […]

Vancouver Video Production Company 2021 | VideoKings

Video Kings is a Vancouver Video Production company with effective corporate production solutions for dozens of industries. Our team has been in business for over a decade, and our phenomenal directors and producers specialize in creating high-quality television commercials, feature films, music videos, web series, and other multimedia projects. VideoKings does everything from concept to […]

Video Kings: Best Video Production Vancouver in 2021

Vancouver has long been known as the “Video Capital of Canada.” But what does that really mean? Does it just refer to the number of video production Vancouver jobs available here or are there other factors at play? In order to answer these questions, I’ve compiled a list of some key statistics on this issue […]

What is Vancouver Video Production, and Why Do We Need It?

Vancouver Video Production has been in decline for years due to the lack of qualified technicians, and the high cost of doing business here. I have been asked to write this article because I believe that there are many people who do not know what Vancouver Video Production (VVP) is or why it is important. […]

How Vancouver Video Production Make You Accessible for Everyone | Video Kings

I have been working in the Vancouver video production industry since 1982 and I have seen many changes over that time. The most significant change has been the increasing accessibility of video production equipment to everyone who wants one. This includes home computer users as well as professional videographers and editors. In fact, there are […]