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Thanks for visiting Video Kings! We’re the #1 producer of stunning-quality corporate videos in Burnaby & the rest of the Lower Mainland. We script, storyboard, film, & edit corporate videos for businesses all over Canada, and there are tens of thousands of sales directly attributable to the videos we’ve created for our lovely clients. Video marketing in Burnaby is one of the best ways to improve local business revenue, and it allows you to connect with customers on a level never before seen in traditional advertising. Our stunning Burnaby Videographer team has produced dozens of videos for businesses specifically in Burnaby, and our patented production process means you get more higher quality content for less time and money. Need exceptional video content for your Burnaby business? Call today and see how we can help!

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Gorgeous Corporate Videos in Burnaby for Products, Businesses & More

Video Kings is Vancouver’s premier corporate video partner. We create stunning interview style, voiceover, or talking head videos that expertly position your business and speak directly to the customers that need you most.

When you get a Video Kings corporate video, we take care of everything for you. Our team will script, storyboard, film, edit, and deliver your video – your only job is to bring your personality & vision in front of the camera. Many of our staff have worked on professional film sets, shot hundreds of interviews, and produced broadcast TV commercials that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue. Our simple, thirty second to three minute corporate videos are loved by our clients and often produce significant ROI, as video marketing is the most direct and powerful way to advertise in 2020. 

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Corporate videos are by far the best advertising investment you’ll ever make. They generate tremendous ROI by showing, not telling, and offer a way to connect with your customer that in many ways is even superior to face-to-face sales. You have complete control over the entire audiovisual experience, and get to custom-tailor a brand message directly to the end client.

Exactly What You Want, Every Time

Our promise is that your Burnaby corporate video will be exactly what you want, every time. Instead of subjecting you (and us) to countless revisions after post-production, we work on creating robust scripts and storyboards that you’re completely comfortable with prior to filming. This means that prior to the shoot, you know exactly what you’re getting & it means we don’t have to stay on-set as long, saving you time, money & energy.  

Video Content For Life

Our Burnaby corporate video packages are yours for life. Once we deliver the content, you own it entirely and can chop, edit, repurpose it as you see fit for as long as you’d like. We happily deliver both raw & edited footage, and many of our valued customers use our professionally-filmed video for years after we shoot, creating countless YouTube videos, social media posts, website clips. Need highly scaleable, repurposeable content? Call Video Kings today!


Generate Revenue While You Sleep! Videos Produced Right Here In Burnaby, B.C.

The majority of businesses scale the wrong way. As they grow larger, owners and key decision makers end up selling stuff more than, you know, actually managing the business. This is because lead generation, sales, and networking are incredibly laborious and time consuming – especially if you find yourself going about it the ‘traditional’ way.

Videos, on the other hand, sell your business for you. You don’t have to call, manage, or network – your videos do that for you. Because video marketing lets you connect with your viewer on an audiovisual level (just like face-to-face sales) it’s the best alternative to traditional mind-numbing sales.

We produce stunning corporate videos in Burnaby that allow you to work on your business – not in your business – to grow it into a revenue-generating machine capable of operating independent of you or direct management. As a Burnaby corporate video production company, the VideoKings team has planned, storyboarded, filmed, and edited dozens of corporate videos for the lower mainland, and several for Burnaby businesses that you probably recognize. Our experienced BurnabyVideographers have also created hundreds of real estate videos, corporate videos, movie clips, & commercials, – and your project could be next!


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Top notch customer service with precise knowledge and detail oriented follow up. The entire team was very knowledgeable and I couldn’t imagine being happier with my results.

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