I am the owner and founder of Video Kings. I have been working in a video production company for over 5 years. My services include video production and post-production. I have worked with several prominent companies in many different fields. Most of my clients are referrals and repeat customers. My goal is to make your vision come to life in a way you only dreamed was possible.

Video Kings is a Vancouver video production company with full service of video production and video post-production. We have a wide range of services, custom packages to fit your needs, competitive rates, and best of all a team that is easy to work with and gets your vision on the first try!

Our team is specialized in video production. We can create your video, but we are also excellent to work with if you want to find a director yourself. Whatever you prefer, we are here to make your vision come to life!

How to find a full-service video production company near you:

1. How to Search for a FVPC?

First, you need to do a search for a Full-Service Video Production Company (FVPC). This will bring up the websites of some of the companies in your area.

2. How to Evaluate the Offers?

When you find a company that you are interested in, you need to do some research about them. This includes asking questions via their online contact form or by telephone.

Questions to Ask:

  1. Do you have any references that I can speak with?
  2. What is your average cost per hour?
  3. What are your standard package prices?
  4. How long can it take for you to complete a project?
  5. What forms of payment do you accept?
  6. Do you have any specific types of projects you like to work on?
  7. Any major customer complaints?
  8. Does your company provide creative writing services?
  9. Does your company provide translation services?
  10. Is there a script we can look at before we start working?
  11. Does your company have any other services that I might need?

Once you have gathered as much information as you can, you should start making contact with several companies.

Over the years our team have worked on many video projects and have developed several packages, which include:

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Vancouver Video Production Company

Corporate Events: A good example of this would be a company gathering or other professional event. We can shoot this for you, and give you a final video that you can play on a large screen at your event. These are great to keep your employees hyped up and are also great for encouraging customers to attend.

Product Videos: This is a popular way to market your latest and greatest products or inventions. We can produce short videos to promote sales and create interest.

Training Videos: Everyone hates reading instructions, but everyone loves seeing someone use a product and showing them how to properly use it. This is a great tool for customer service training or even product demonstration videos.

Promotional Videos: Everyone loves video. It is a great way to get people interested in what your company does. This can be especially helpful for start-up companies that do not have the advertising budget of larger companies.

Short Films: Sometimes you just need creative video creation. There are so many possibilities!

Our full-service production includes:

Script writing Voice over Casting Location scouting Equipment and props Video editing

We are ready and willing to work with your team to make your vision a reality. From start to finish, our professional team will work hard to make your videos come to life.

The effective video comes in many different forms. There is no one size fits all. That’s why our team develops a strategy to get your point across. All our videos include scriptwriting, casting, location scouting, rehearsals, equipment, and much more!

Our teamwork with businesses large and small to develop the perfect solution for your needs. We service all of Vancouver, BC and have clients in other states as well.

Video Kings Mission and Vision

Our main objective is to entertain and engage your audience. We want our videos to not only look appealing but also be a source of learning for the viewer.

The VIDEO KINGS was created with the vision of taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary, bringing out the creativeness that everyone possesses yet few have the courage to pursue.

We want to challenge the perception that videos must be done a certain way or follow traditional formulas. We believe that creativity should be used in whichever way will make the final product as appealing and captivating as possible.

Also, we are strongly driven by technology and use cutting-edge tools, inventive techniques, and sophisticated strategies to produce the highest-quality video content.

Have you ever found yourself being entertained by a video and afterward found yourself coming back to it over and over again? Have you ever had a reaction to something so emotional that it brought you to tears? A video can have that type of power if created the right way. That’s what WE aim for.

Make your next marketing video or promotion a success, get your Vancouver Video Quote today! Call us at (604) 723-1522.

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