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Welcome to Video Kings, Vancouver’s top provider of stunning Amazon Product Videos to boost product sales and improve your listing. We’ve made dozens of high-ranking product videos for Amazon & related marketplaces, and have several long-lasting relationships with repeat Amazon vendors. Do you need intriguing, quality videos for your listing? Request a quote from our video team today and lets get filming!

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Professional Amazon Product Videos That Show The Virtues Of Your Product

Vancouver Video Kings creates fantastic quality Amazon Product videos that dive deep into the “why” behind your product to intrigue and excite your customers. Additionally, most clients often see an immediate increase in both conversion rate and Amazon ranking after publishing their video. Talk about a return on investment!

Our experienced Vancouver Videographers have created a highly effective Amazon product video pipeline that allows us to provide one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry – all at a very comfortable and reasonable rate.

If you want to boost sales, improve revenue, rank first on Amazon, and do it all with style, then reach out to one of our Vancouver Videographers and see how we can help!

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Our Videos Rank You Quickly on Amazon

What’s the difference between a fast-ranking and a slow-ranking product? Most of the time it’s a mixture of poor on-page optimization and a low conversion rate. Our stunning Amazon Product Videos improve conversion rates by cleverly showing the value in your product, and propel your Amazon listing position by virtue of increased traffic, engagement, and purchases.

Boost Sales With Our Stunning Quality

Video is the single most captivating online sales technique available today. No other strategy allows customers to experience your product from all angles, and get an appreciation for how they'll like your product before they've bought it. Even expert copywriting can't hold a candle to the sales power of a well-made video! Improve your sales numbers and your revenues with a well-designed Amazon Product video by VideoKings.

Repurpose Our Videos: Social Media, Other Marketplaces & More!

One of the best parts about video production is the ability to repurpose, reuse, and recycle video content on other mediums. Don't just stop at Amazon - use our beautifully filmed and scripted product video on social media, other marketplaces, and even your own website!


Improve Your Amazon Product Listing With Incredible, In-Depth Product Videos Made Right Here in Vancouver

Here's something not many people realize: today, one video can generate more sales for you and your business than a full-time salesperson could in twelve full months just a few years ago. Video is infinitely shareable, scalable, and fun. With the right Amazon Product Listing video, you can minimize the space between you and your customer when you sell online - and, if you do it right, you can create a customer for life.

Being a top Vancouver production company, VideoKings has been delivering the highest quality Amazon Product videos in Vancouver for decades. Our stellar team has also created hundreds of real estate videos, corporate videos, movie clips, & commercials, - and your project could be next!


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Top notch customer service with precise knowledge and detail oriented follow up. The entire team was very knowledgeable and I couldn't imagine being happier with my results.

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